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  1. Indigo’s remix of Synkro’s “Progression” was one of my favorites late last year. Above anything, it was a good fellow for studying (if you want to remember it, it’s on the bottom). Hence, I haven’t hesitated when the homonym “Indigo” EP popped out weeks ago. And I haven’t regretted a single bit since then. Now these three tracks continue the previous exploration and development of dark bass (especially in “Neveah”). “Primal” assumes influences of science fiction OST’s ’end of the world’-alike, but “Lacuna” is all dub and dubstep directioned. Without a doubt, he maintains himself as a guy to watch. 

    Artist: Indigo

    Title: Indigo (EP)

    Label: On The Edge

    Release date: 8th October 2012

    Country: UK

    Genre: Electronic | Bass | Dubstep

    Interesting links: tumblr | facebook | soundcloud


    1. Neveah
    2. Primal
    3. Lacuna

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  2. Matt built Luminary Youth’s identity in the right time and direction. We’ve been following his music taken out of the reign of fantasy for about two years, and we never ever get disappointed. Incredibly, he pushes out the best of his role-models and sends the love from Orlando to the world. Probably, last year you’ve stepped by “Weekend Dreams”, an album that reconstructed some outstanding songs at the time (e.g. Washed Out, Memoryhouse, Warpaint), so you realize his potential. Yesterday he put out a new EP, as he loves to do, completely for free. Fuse with the dearest synthwave, chopped beats and vocals à la Star Slinger, and have a good night of sleep!

    Artist: Luminary Youth

    Title: Satorion (EP)

    Label: Self-released

    Date: 28th August 2012

    Country: USA

    Genre: Electronic | Chillwave | Instrumental | Hip-hop

    Interesting links: websitefacebook | bandcamp


    1. Tokyo In Rain (Intro) 
    2. World Ends (Sleep Sex) 
    3. Honey
    4. Lost Classics
    5. Outro 

    Download for free


  3. An artist presenting a new faucet of his is Magic Panda. Far away from the candid tracks released last year, Jamie’s remix for forthcoming Ina Becker’s “Park Together” EP is plenty of darkwave, approaching gradually to the sparkles that make his music fingerprint. The change causer was Ina’s original, in part glam pop, in part mysterious synths (I loved the dry way the bass entered the scene), which makes it remixes-proof. 10dens entered also the party with an ethereal contribution. Check all of them and pick up your fav! The EP will be out on August, 21st 2012 on Netherlands label Cinematique (but Ina’s a blonde Berliner).

    About Magic Panda: facebooksoundcloud

    About Ina Becker: tumblr | soundcloud

    About 10dens: facebook | soundcloud


  4. Summer’s arriving everywhere (except in the calendar). This was my first thought on Matthew Dear’s latest piece that Ghostly’s streaming. It was know he’d come back to long-plays this year, after remarkable EP’s on the past two years. “Beams” is expected to be out August 27th, but before the big record the 1st single (streamed above) will be released Tuesday (viz., June, the 5th). Explaining myself, you’ll only need a split second to verify how the producer has change. Fact: his voice remains the same, however, the musical composition doesn’t. As time’s short and cheap talking is enough, it’s pleasing to listen, though different (it’s exactly the adjective). However, I couldn’t cope in any manner with its shadow: “Crimewaves”. Jesus Christ, it’s not that far to pimba! Ok, that’s the part I receive hater comments. Hopefully, Portuguese people will perfectly understand what am I talking about. The EP includes also a Tornado Wallace remix of the leading single.

    Artist: Matthew Dear

    Title: Her Fantasy (EP)

    Label: Ghostly International

    Release date: 5th June 2012

    Country: USA

    Genre: Electronic

    Interesting links: website | tumblr | facebook


    1. Her Fantasy 
    2. Crimewaves 
    3. Her Fantasy (Tornado Wallace Remix)

    Pre-order here 


  5. I’m perfectly aware of how things on Internet work. Sometimes writing a post one week later than it should have been done makes it uninteresting ‘cuz a myriad of people talked about it before. On the other hand, when we’re talking about impressive music, even more if it’s a first impression, it’s anytime welcome. Or am I completely wrong? The main point here is that I was randomly listening to things I had scheduled, and this specific release made me stop what I was doing, lift my head and going to PC to see what was on the playlist (in the end, eventually ended on tumblr). Cheap talking forward, rkss is a Berliner who put out his debut EP last week. From all these three, the entitling is the one. Astonishing with its mixed and delayed beats on purpose, fits the current that has been having success and support especially from last year to now - the renewal of techno with fresh blood [it’s an apart, but I find it somehow similar with TA’s work and artists]. Fresher than a 19 year old boy is difficult to get (however, not impossible). After “Basement” are “Push” and “Far”. They’re lounge-friendly, having some resemblances with pouring rain and sleepless nights. He made a good start. We’ll stay up to see what comes next.

    Artist: rkss

    Title: Basement (EP)

    Label: Self-released (?) [not sure!]

    Release date: 18th May 2012

    Country: Germany

    Genre: Techno | Experimental | Noise

    Interesting links: facebook | twitter | soundcloud | bandcamp


    1. Basement
    2. Push
    3. Far

    Buy here

    Download Basement for free


  6. Suggestion for a sunny afternoon: to “Go Out For A Walk”. The video signals Le Common Diamond first single from self-titled EP recently released (which you can listen below). In case you haven’t heard of them before: they’re two boys (Floran and Thomas) from Toulouse (France) who make delicious synth-pop/ indie-rock.

    More about them: bandcamp 


  7. Life and Death, who is Tale of Us plus Thugfucker released recently two tasty singles on Visionquest. The first, which features Scott McCloud is hypnotizing (I blame the speech flow) but hilarious at the same time (hello neurology, I’m already missing you when they mention “spastic” - see, some ahem dancing styles quickly  resemble that; also the repetition of the verse “everything I touch is magic” [Midas touch, really?]). It’s OK, since it’s house music, so you’re there to dance and kill neurons, not really to exercise them. That goal is perfectly achieved. The other track (“Morgana”) tends more to techno, has no vocals but is no less dance-proof than its predecessor. Make yourself at home. 

    Artist: Life And Death

    Title: Step Aside (EP)

    Label: Visionquest

    Release date: 6th February 2012

    Country: USA 

    Genre: Deep House

    Interesting links: facebook | soundcloud 


    1. Step Aside (feat. Scott McCloud)
    2. Morgana

    Buy here 


  8. Since festivities already begun on the students’ city, here go two or three suggestions of party danceable music, some of which have been played for some months to part, yet were not in the blog. Andy Graham aka Sei A isn’t a newcomer into electronic music. In spite of his widely recognizable work (highlights to Turbo label), no presentation will be made. Early this year he released “Flux” EP, composed of four tracks (three originals plus Martyn remix of the entitling track). The producer was influenced by successful 2011 records of other artists and genres when it comes to dubstep, UK Garage and bass music. These are better understood for example on “Break The Pattern” (mainly the bass) and “Flux” (notice the gameboy bleeps). In the end, the apple of my eye was in fact “Jus Appreciate”. Obvious reasons justify the choice: catchy robot-like vocals over a rhythmic line. Martyn opted to simplify (even more) the original vocals and opened up the box.  

    Artist: Sei A

    Title: Flux (12”)

    Label: Turbo

    Release date: 24th January 2012

    Country: UK

    Genre: Electronic | Techno | House | Bass | Electro

    Interesting links: tumblr | facebook | soundcloud 


    1. Flux (Martyn Electromagnetic Mix)
    2. Break The Pattern
    3. Flux
    4. Jus Appreciate 

    Buy here 


  9. In a world dominated by men, four rocker girls emerge. It’s not the most common picture, you must admit. But they do it since 2011. All of them have been previously involved in other musical projects. In the beginning, they’ve already experience inside and outside stage, which means they’ve knowledge of what they’re doing. Two of them are now full time on Anarchicks: Priscilla (leader singer and guitars, whose Playgirl faucet I had met before [she played with Steroboy and u-clic in the past], and now extinct Pressplay [with Lisa]) and Synthetique Red (bass, synths, vocals; founder of Mediatic Slaves [also defunct]). Two elements of the quartet still collaborate on side projects. I’m talking about Katari (drums, who played in Act of Anger and Living Dead Act, actually still playing in Casal Ventoso), and last but not least JD (guitars, bass; Random Notes’ founding member and bassist; guitars on Too Much To Touch; maintains herself as guitarist and keyboardist of Oh! Darling).  

    If I took an extensive note about their bios, I made it for a reason - it’s to comprehend better their music and influences. Despite the noticeable punk-rock, there are electronic touches as well, and Ladytron, for example, is not innocent. Feminist and rebellious, outraged lyrics are sung loud, to be listened even louder. Lisbon people, be aware: they’re playing a lot on the area, and the EP below pleased you, don’t miss the chance to listen to it by yourselves. The record was symbolically released on Women’s Day.  Four tracks, four young women, four instruments. 

    Artist: Anarchicks

    Title: Look What You Made Me Do (EP)

    Label: sound101 Records 

    Release date: 8th March 2012 

    Country: Portugal

    Genre: Punk-Rock | Electronic 

    Interesting links: facebook 


    1. Bored
    2. Endless Love
    3. Sunset Graveyard
    4. Rockstars

    Buy here