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  1. Without intending to be ghastly, what 1st came to my mind the 1st time I listened Halls’ debut LP, even without knowing the title of each track (since I was doing it in a blind way) was ‘This could perfectly be played on a memorial service. It sounds like it’. In point of fact, when I checked their names my suspicions came true – they pointed to funerals, churches, cemeteries and explicit aspects of Christianity. “Ark” represents the next big step Sam Howard needed to give after the 2 stunning EP’s we’ve also listened here. His previous music was already known to be melancholic; however in the full length that feeling reaches its peak – the sadness maturity as a reflex of the development of the 21-year-old artist. As it happened before (not worrying about having or not misunderstood the whole thing), I’ve identified myself with the mournful feeling transversal to the entire record. Besides, Halls picked up a very dear style of music to me: church music. Even though there are also drums, strings and other stuff, this is fundamentally church music weighed with the best of electronic music – the synthesizers and drum machines. Once upon a time I had convent education, and we had frequently to practice on choirs and instruments to play along with organ in the mass.  I remember how I loved it, though I’ve never learnt how to play organ. With time I’ve kept away from all of it, nevertheless I felt tender when I met it again on “Ark”. His vocals fluctuate between high and low pitch, sometimes monotonic, as if the artist is singing for himself, only voicing his low spirits and soreness. But then oh! when the drums come in in crescendo it’s like a drama movie scene (e.g. Barry Lyndon or something similar) – it’s impressive! Nonetheless, there’s not only place for hopelessness and a certain degree of despair. In the end, tracks like “Holy Communion” and “Winter Prayer” bring a certain degree of a new light and peace for the future.  Perhaps, that was the message Sam intended to leave to the world.

    Artist: Halls

    Title: Ark (LP)

    Label: No Pain In Pop

    Release date: 22nd October 2012

    Country: UK

    Genre: Electronic | Experimental

    Interesting links:  website | facebook


    1. I
    2. White Chalk
    3. I’m Not There
    4. Roses For The Dead
    5. Ark
    6. Funeral
    7. Shadow Of The Colossus
    8. Arc
    9. Reverie
    10. Holy Communium
    11. Winter Prayer 

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  2. Halls. No words to describe him or his work. Just enjoy the music and the video for “Fade To White”, which is part of Ben Symonds project for “Fragile” EP.


  3. It’s a fan video by Ben Symonds, but it has Halls full support and very appropriated kaleidoscopic animal views.


  4. For some reason I can’t remember now Halls self-titled EP was meant to figure here on the blog but never saw daylight. Nevermind, now attention is turned into the recent collab he made with our well known Sun Glitters. Knowing their discography, their teaming up makes all the sense in the world, as they piece together as two sides of the same coin. Both create rich enchanting ambiences, both put some witch-house inside their songs, but not too much, just the necessary to arouse a certain dosis of mistery. Here Sun Glitters remixes “Chakra Drums”, track included on the EP I was talking about on the beginning, and on its turn Halls lends to “Too Much To Lose” (from Sun Glitters’ debut “Everything Could Be Fine”) a cotton kerchief, not a mask, but making a different look. Stylistically speaking, Halls presents a darker side of his own, and Sun Glitters continues developing what he started on “The Wind Caresses Her Hair”. To listen on repeat before going to sleep.

    Artist: Sun Glitters x Halls

    Title: Swan / There (EP)

    Label: Self-release

    Release date: 24th August 2011

    Country: Luxembourg | UK

    Genre: Electronic | Ambient | Experimental | Post-witch-house | Chillwave | Downtempo | Chillstep

    About Halls: facebooksoundcloudbandcamp | 

    About Sun Glitters:  tumblr | facebook | bandcamp


    1. sun glitters - there
    2. sun glitters - too much to lose (Halls Remix)
    3. Halls - Swan
    4. Halls - Chakra Drums (sun glitters remix)

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