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  1. It’s so strange when you love something but due to obscure reasons you forget it and just pick it up again several months after, you don’t even know why! Even though this release is almost a half-year of life, I wanted to post about it, not just because it’s been on highly rotation on the last two months. Now let’s face the facts: Philipp Gorbachev’s a young Russian producer that came to Rebolledo’s attention in the very beginning. You know how much he and Matias Aguayo are close friends, so it’s not surprising to verify the second helped the kid seeing daylight. In addition, Philipp made a guest appearance on Rebolledo’s last year’s album “Super Vato”, with a properly named “Te Conozco Moscow”. What I have to say about “In The Delta” EP is that it’s extremely addictive. I mean, I can’t stop and don’t get enough of listening to it, especially the 1st and last tracks. They’re hypnotizing, and make me dream of dancing at night lightheartedly. Ah ah, daydreaming apart, the ground bass is tremendously seductive. And if “Gas Lady” evokes in part Kraftwerk (c’mon, the vocals!), “Montana Blues” keeps a drop of the deceased electro. In short, it’s an EP good as hell.   

    Artist: Philipp Gorbachev

    Title: In The Delta (12”)

    Label: Cómeme

    Release date: 26th September 2011

    Country: Russia

    Genre: Electronic | Dance | House | Techno

    Interesting links: facebook | soundcloud


    1. In The Delta
    2. Gas Lady
    3. Montana Blues
    4. Postovoi

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  2. Comparing this song to an ice cream is fine: it’s fresh and delicious! Already preparing the summer, on a gorgeous sunny day like today (but it’s cold). I guess I’m gonna step by Emanha this weekend and eat one. This is the first single taken from Battles’ forthcoming album, out next 6th July.

    Artist: Battles (feat. Matias Aguayo)

    Title: Ice Cream (Single taken from the upcoming “Gloss Drop”)

    Label: Warp Records

    Release date: 23rd March 2011

    Country: USA

    Genre: Pop | Rock

    About Battles: websitemyspace | facebook

    About Matias Aguayo: myspace | facebook

    Buy here

    Battles - Ice Cream (Feat. Matias Aguayo) by weallwantsome1